Albertsons CP Challenge

UPI’s takes on a new type of Challenge

The Objective: In 2011, a grocery retail chain contacted UPI to develop a grant contest for local non-profit schools and organizations. The supermarket chain had a budget of $300,000 and wanted to use the opportunity to promote their philanthropic programs while increasing their total number of Facebook followers.

The Program: Universal Promotions fully developed the concept for the Community Partner Challenge. The Challenge gave local schools and non-profits one month to submit an essay about a project their school/organization wanted to complete. The participating organization also had to select a grant amount/category that it wanted to compete in. Grant amounts ranged from $1,000 to $25,000. The challenge ran for 15 days and the grants were awarded to the organization whose project had with the most votes. To gain votes, each organization would promote the Community Partners Challenge on their own website, Facebook page, Twitter account or by word of mouth. Then, supporters would login to the Community Partners Challenge page and vote for their favorite charity’s project.

UPI fully developed the website, reviewed all essays and non-profit documentation to ensure it met the qualifications for the challenge, managed and tracked all the votes and issued checks to the winning organizations at the end of the contest.

To boost the supermarket’s Facebook page, UPI recommended a variety of campaign ideas to help the participating non-profits receive votes. This included putting sharable information on the client’s Facebook page, pre-written emails, promotional handouts and flyers.

The Success Story: Overall 1.8 million votes were cast during the 15 days the promotion ran and over 93,000 unique voters registered. Not only did the client enhance awareness of their community outreach programs and charitable giving approach, but they also increased their total followers on Facebook. The client’s community giving program, Community Partners, saw an increase in non-profit applications and participating supporters basket sizes increased as well.