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UPI Enhances Supermarket’s Community Giving Program
One Shopping Basket at a Time!

The Objective: In 2009, a Supermarket Chain contacted UPI to manage and redevelop their Community Giving program.

The Program: UPI developed the Classroom Rewards and Community Rewards programs to replace the Supermarket’s original Community Giving program. These new programs gave customers the opportunity to register their loyalty cards to support a participating non-profit organization. Then, each time a participating customer used their loyalty card, the supermarket would provide a donation to their chosen school or charity. The Classroom Rewards program provided free educational equipment to local schools while the Community Rewards provided a cash contribution to eligible non-profit charities.

During this time, the Supermarket Chain was also introducing a new line of Store Brand products. To increase brand awareness and sales of these new products, UPI recommended only offering credit and contributions when supporters purchased the Store Brand products. By offering an incentive on Store Brand product purchases, shoppers would be able to learn about the brands, try the products and continually buy them to support their favorite school or charity.

Since the programs began in 2010, UPI has fully managed the day-to-day operations, including reviewing applications, administering the website, fulfilling educational equipment orders and providing customer care support.

The Success Story: The Classroom Rewards and Community Rewards programs continue to build customer loyalty and increase sales. On average, shoppers that participate in the programs checkout with 12.8% more Store Brand Products in their shopping basket, spend an additional $5.76 on their overall purchases and spend 11% more on Store Brand Products than non-participating shoppers. Finally, since the Classroom Rewards and Community Rewards programs began in 2010, they have generated more than $300 million in total sales.

The Community Rewards and Classroom Rewards programs have not only developed strong relationships within the surrounding communities, but they have also created a competitive advantage over other grocery store chains, built customer loyalty and increased both overall and Store Brand product sales. Many participating customers say they appreciate a supermarket that supports them, their children and their community and will continue to shop and support them in return.