Supermarket Chef Showdown

UPI Cooks up a fun (and flavorful) Chef Showdown

The Objective: A supermarket trade association contacted UPI to create an appreciation and awareness trade show event for supermarket chefs in the grocery industry.

The Program: UPI developed the concept of having a recipe contest for supermarket chefs. Chefs would login to a website and submit their favorite recipes. UPI then judged each recipe and determined which chefs qualified to compete in the live Supermarket Chef Showdown trade show event. UPI also reached out to various top name chefs to judge the contest and determine the overall prize winning supermarket chef.

Behind the scenes, UPI worked closely with the association to develop and plan all aspects of the Showdown event. Plus, UPI’s IT department created and hosted the recipe submission website and provided all support necessary to ensure the recipe portion of the contest ran smoothly.

The marketing team administered the recipe contest, which included drafting the rules, notifying the winning chef prize winners and orchestrated all travel arrangements for chefs and live judges. Finally, UPI worked closely with the Dallas Convention Center’s labor and management department to ensure all facility regulations and union guidelines were adhered to.

The Success Story: The trade association was thrilled with the event. It was such a successful even that the association received industry accolades and the supermarket chefs were rewarded with national recognition.