All The Right Tools

UPI has All the Right Tools to Train Goodyear’s Third Party Sales Personnel

The Objective: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company asked UPI to develop a promotion that would efficiently train third party and independent service station personnel on the benefits, features and selling points of their Cooling System products.

The Program: UPI created the All the Right Tools program to train Goodyear’s third party counter sales personnel, service personnel and service station owners on the latest in Goodyear’s Cooling System products.

Using a manual, written by UPI and Goodyear’s Training Department, each associate studied the material and took a 50 question test found in the back of the manual. To complete the test, they called a special 800 number to speak with a UPI test center repetitive, answer the questions and find out their results.

Associates who passed the test were awarded a complete Goodyear Cooling System Specialist Kit containing:

• a personalized coffee mug
• a Goodyear hat
• a Goodyear hose-cutting tool
• a sales log to record their next 30 belt and hose sales

Finally, when the associate recorded 30 sales, they received another tool, a Goodyear Branded Mag flashlight.

The Success Story:10,000 auto part store associates and owners from over 900 stores participated in the program. 89% passed the test and were awarded with the Goodyear Cooling System Specialist Kit.

UPI’s All the Right Tools program combined important product training with a promotional incentive. While the incentive kit contained functional tools for the associates, it also contained promotional tools for Goodyear. By strategically branding the Cooling System Specialist Kit with the Goodyear logo, Goodyear utilized an additional channel to promote its name and products. Overall the promotion increased product knowledge, brand awareness and sales of Goodyear Cooling System products.