Register Tapes for Education

Shopping is Rewarding with UPI’s Register Tapes for Education Program!

The Objective: In 1987, Universal Promotion’s founder, Harry Guidotti, developed and managed promotional programs for local schools and non-profit organizations. Through these programs, he noticed that many schools lacked essential educational equipment and supplies. With his expertise in marketing, sales and promotions, he decided to create a program that would give local grocery stores the opportunity to grow their businesses while providing free educational equipment to local schools.

The Program: In a few short years, Harry’s idea blossomed into the Register Tapes for Education program, a community program that would forever change the way businesses approached Customer Relationship and Loyalty Marketing. Together with an advisory board of school administrators and parents, Universal Promotions (UPI) developed a well rounded program that included an extensive catalog of educational equipment and supplies.

For over 31 years, Universal Promotions has been managing the Register Tapes for Education program and has seen tens of thousands of schools benefit from it. The program was simple when it started and is even easier today. Schools encourage parents, supporters and faculty members to shop at a participating grocery store, save their receipts and donate them to the school. Then, the school sends their receipts to UPI’s Program Headquarters and earns points towards free equipment and supplies from the Register Tapes for Education Catalog. Our current catalog is 72 pages and features items such as art supplies, books, electronics, sports equipment and much much more!

Depending on the participating store’s capabilities, UPI can also track supporter spending through shoppers’ loyalty cards and/or personalized program key tags. With today’s modern POS systems, UPI can track and manage card registrations and shopper spending so the program can be employed without having to save receipts. The school receives a monthly point deposit and can redeem their points from the same 72 page catalog.

To help the program run smoothly, UPI fully manages the program for participating stores. Basically, the grocery store or supermarket chain enrolls at the beginning of the program year and UPI does the rest! This includes contacting all the schools, developing promotional kits and materials, maintaining the website, reviewing receipts/supporter spending and sending out program information. Plus, Universal Promotion’s friendly call center staff answers any customers or coordinator questions by phone, email or chat, while the fulfillment center manages catalog and equipment orders.

The Success Story: Since the program began, Universal Promotion’s Register Tapes for Education clients have provided more than $175 million worth of free educational equipment to tens of thousands of schools across the United States. That’s not all. Register Tapes for Education has helped participating stores grow and prosper in their communities, as well. Since schools are rewarded for parents and supporters spending, schools strongly encourage members of the community to shop at a participating Register Tapes for Education grocery stores and save their receipts or scan their program card/key tag. Not only does this drive revenue and enhance customer loyalty, but it also creates a relationship with one of the largest and most important marketing demographics, families with children.