UPI's sweepstakes and contests team keeps on eye on the prize for our clients!

Sweepstakes and Contests can be complex and you need a skilled and experienced team to develop, navigate and manage your promotion. Don’t take a chance on the success of your promotion; work with UPI’s promotional expert team today!


For over 30 years, UPI has been creating sweepstakes and promotions to add value, enhance sales and reward and attract new customers. When used effectively, they can extend brand awareness and help to increase web traffic and build a retailers’ e-newsletter customer subscription base. All this in a package that is made to be fun, accessible, and easy to implement.

We'll work with you to decide if you should run a sweepstakes or contest promotion. Then develop a concept, method of entry and determine enticing prize packages.Together with our legal team, we ensure your promotion meets all state, federal and local regulations. Once finalized, UPI drafts the program rules and implements your promotion. If you decide to run a skill based contest, UPI has the resources and knowledge to receive and fully judge each entry to determine the prize winners.


We provide you with an effective turn-key sweepstakes or contest promotion, with the highest level of products, services and creativity. Your company can rely on the quality, support and integrity UPI offers when we manage your sweepstakes/contests promotion.

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